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Investiamo nello sviluppo di competenze manageriali specializzate nei settori innovativi. Il nostro Team in pochi anni è divenuto Benchmark riconosciuto a livello internazionale nei settori innovativi.

Sin dal 2000 abbiamo avuto la visione di integrazione tecnologia e impresa, creando progetti che sono stati in grado di generare valore per l’ecosistema industriale ed economico Italiano.

Siamo da oltre venti anni innovazione enabler avendo creato imprese, progetti che hanno cambiato il sistema paese e formato persone, imprenditori, phd’s, top managers a lavorare con passione, crescere ed essere leader.

“Report Biotech –  The Financial Perspective” ha visto la collaborazione dei principali operatori finanziari internazionali. 

However competition for attracting talents and funding is not only one of Italy’s biggest threats but also one of the greatest opportunities for the future. Industry, finance and government leaders could begin to cooperate and collaborate if Italy wanted to be a global leader in innovative industries such as biotechnologies, innovation in healthcare and agro-food.
Only a radical and profound change could guarantee that the past could change into a future success.

Stefano Milani, Senior Partner M&P, Conference 2013

“The maker of genetically enhanced yeast to help make fuel, medicine and other products is using proceeds of the IPO for capital spending, working capital and corporate purposes, including the construction of engineering service capabilities to support sugar and ethanol mill conversion to integrate its technology.”

G. Steven Burrill, CEO, Burrill & Company – San Francisco, California USA, Conference 2011


“Listing is one of the most important decisions in a company’s history. Listing may have a strong impact on companies’ competitiveness as it creates new opportunities for growth and visibility.”

Barbara Lunghi, Head of Small Caps – Primary Markets – Continent Europe  Borsa Italiana – London Stock Exchange Group, Conference 2010

“Of course accessing the U.S. capital markets requires preparation and a concentrated team effort.”

Ettore A. Santucci, Yoel Kranz, Martin C. Glass Goodwin Procter LLP, USA, Conference 2012

“Increase your company’s visibility by leveraging our channels which bring valuable, authoritative information to millions of institutional and retail investors every day”.

Isabella Schidrich, Senior Managing Director NASDAQ OMX, Conference 2012

“The Swiss financial sector is of crucial national importance. It accounts for 12% of the GDP, 12% to 15% of tax receipts and 6% of the workforce – making it one of the nation’s most important economic sectors. The sector manages around 5% of estimated global wealth, of which 67% are invested in equities and funds. This makes Switzerland as a financial center extremely attractive for both domestic and foreign companies seeking capital, because it is of manageable size, closely networked and internationally oriented.”

Andrea von Bartenwerffer Senior Relationship Manager, Issuer Relations, SIX Swiss Exchange, Conference 2012

“In realtà il limite delle società italiane è la dimensione che ne limita la liquidità oggettiva: non è quindi un deficit imputabile al mercato in cui ti presenti, ma un deficit di dimensione relativa e di progetti nelle pipeline.”

Ing. Massimo Capuano, Borsa Italiana, Conference 2005